Raw Organic Almond Butter

I never realized how easy it is to make your own nut butters... no more paying $7 for a tiny jar of organic almond butter for me! With a few simple ingredients that you likely already have on hand, and approx 10 minutes, you too can whip up a batch of fresh, raw organic almond butter to spread on your toast, throw into your smoothie or blend into a stir fry sauce!

Raw Organic Almond Butter
1 cup raw organic unpasteurized almonds
1 tsp raw organic sesame oil (or canola oil)
pinch of Himalayan salt
1 tsp filtered water

Place almonds, sesame oil and salt in a food processor. Turn the blender on and run for 1 minute. Turn the blender back off, wait till the blades have completely stopped, then scrape down the sides of the blender canister with a spatula. Next turn the blender back on and let it run for 3 minutes. The almonds should be getting sticky and balling up at this point. Turn the blender back off and scrape down the sides as well as loosen any of the mixture that is stuck to the bottom. Now add the 1 tsp of water, and turn the blender back on for an additional 3 minutes. Check the consistency, and add another 1/2 tsp of water if you like a more smooth almond butter. Viola!